Coping, Living, and COVID: Making Limited Space Work with EVERYONE Home

Posted by Sarah Pickens on Sunday, February 7th, 2021 at 3:34pm.

You can’t miss it: small living is the new rage. And for all the right reasons! Especially now while we deal with working from home, schooling from home, date night at home; basically, our entire lives now within 4 walls. Many people are finding unique ways to cope with a more isolated life-style (hello urban farming trend!). Others are still trying to find their way. Regardless of where you are at in your social-distanced journey, we’re here to give you some tips on making your space fit for any and all situations!

Home Schooling

Ask your kid(s) where their fav spot is. Then make it their spot.

When we are asking our kids to be more independent, allowing them to choose the spot they’d like to spend their time when working on schoolwork is a great first step. Maybe it’s their room, maybe it’s a certain spot in the living room, maybe it’s on the porch! Wherever it is, set it up with a small table and tool kit full of the necessities you’d expect to use during a regular school day.

Working from Home

Switching it up might be essential to keeping your sanity.

Having multiple places that allow you to move throughout your domain and still get work done might just save you from yourself. Having furniture that is multifunctional, like a pop-up coffee table, will offer versatility, extra storage, and keep you sitting up straight ;)

If you don’t already have a spot by natural lighting, you should definitely do yourself a solid and find a spot with a view! Don’t be afraid to rearrange a little to make it all work!

Date Night

You spent all day at home, but now it’s time to set up for nighttime! Just because we are in a pandemic doesn’t mean you and your S.O. don’t deserve a little down time together. So close your laptops and take a deep breath! First – order yourself some delicious goods and put together a little charcuterie board. The LoveHomeMN team took the liberty of compiling a list of a few essentials:

  •       Salami
  •       Prosciutto
  •       Olives
  •       Strawberries
  •       Baguette slices
  •       Pesto
  •       Almonds
  •       Brie Cheese
  •       Goat cheese
  •       Water crackers
  •       Raspberries
  •       And anything else you want to add!

Now, let’s set it up! For an outdoor date night, a small nightstand, two chairs, a candle, and a few flowers from the garden are all you really need! Cozy is key: a small space can be even better when you’re trying to woo bae. While it may seem like a lot of extra effort, creating a space that feels like a true getaway can set the mood for a successful night of romancing and conversation.

We tried to keep it as short as possible but hopefully these tips empowered you to make your home exactly what it needs to be for your everyday routine! 


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