How We Set You Up for Success When Selling Your Home

Posted by Sarah Pickens on Sunday, February 7th, 2021 at 4:40pm.

With 20 years of experience, we know what we're doing. It's more important than ever to have the right look, the right price, and the right help. Here's how we do it:


Let us take the guesswork out of all the listing preparations. With decades of experience in the real estate world, we know what buyers want. Our expert eye assessment includes a thorough walkthrough of your home and a list of detailed recommendations for projects to complete to increase your bottom line. We’re all about getting you the best return on your investment, and saving you stress, time, and money in the process.


Next up is our complimentary complete staging consultation. Our top-notch stagers give you step-by-step instructions to help your home stand out from the crowd of listings online. From “traditional” staging (bringing in furniture and decor) to rearranging and decluttering/neutralizing your property, our team ensures you are appealing to the largest buyer pool possible. Here’s why staging matters…

  • How we live and how we sell are completely different. We live in spaces that are cozy and functional, but a home for sale needs to feel like a product or showroom with as few personal effects as possible. Think of it as a blank slate for buyers - the more they can picture their own photos and decor in the space, the better.
  • On average, homeowners need to remove 55% of their belongings when selling, and when they do, it makes a major difference in how buyers view the property.
  • 81% of buyers cannot visualize the property as their future home without staging (you can’t afford to lose 4 out of 5 buyers)!
  • The majority of buyers will offer MORE money on a staged home than a similar one that is not staged.

Architectural Photography:

Winning the online beauty pageant

96% of buyers start their home search on the internet, so your first showing is really done online. That’s why the LoveHomeMN team spares no expense when it comes to hiring the best of the best in architectural photography (and trust us when we say that having professional photos vs. iPhone shots from an agent can make or break your listing). Architectural photographers know exactly how to capture your home from all the right angles and in the best light - both inside and out - and since the average buyer only spends 1.5 seconds browsing a listing online, you need to capture their attention instantly or they may discard your listing and never see it again. We want your home to draw everyone in and make them fall in love!


Making Your Home a "Coming Soon"

Use every day of selling to your advantage

 Whether your selling preparation takes 1 month, 3 months, or more before it hits the MLS, it’s NEVER too soon to start advertising your home! We specialize in a “coming soon” marketing strategy that helps you get maximum exposure right away to get as many eyes as possible on your listing. We want to let every buyer know about their new dream home! The more excitement we can build up, the quicker your home is likely to sell once it’s officially active on the market.


Step 1:

We have you sign a Certificate to Withhold form, allowing us to market and accept showings on your property within our brokerage without your home accumulating days on market. We aren’t yet able to open the listing up to the public or outside networking groups, BUT our brokerage is very large so early exposure may net you the offer of a lifetime even BEFORE your listing goes live!

 Step 2:

You then sign a Coming Soon Authorization form, which allows us to advertise your listing to the public as a “sneak peek” of what’s to come by pushing it out on Zillow, Facebook, and more! During this stage, your listing will also be live in the MLS as a “coming soon,” so it will be marketed to all networking groups and local agents. While we cannot allow showings while it’s officially a “coming soon,” this step is crucial to keeping eyes on your listing - especially buyers who aren’t yet on the MLS or working with an agent!

Step 3:

Watch the interest and inquiries roll in!

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